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  /  Machine Learning   /  How to Land in an ML Engineering Job at FAANG Companies?
How to Land in an ML Engineering Job at FAANG Companies?

How to Land in an ML Engineering Job at FAANG Companies?

Getting a ML engineering job at FAANG Companies is not a cakewalk. But this article might help.

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. Over the past two decades, machine learning has evolved to become a major technology revolutionizing the digital ecosystem. With its origins in computer algorithms, ML is capable of training datasets and improving the experience. Machine learning, along with artificial intelligence, is developing programs that can access data and teach themselves. As this concept has hit mainstream acceptance, the commercial sphere is looking for candidates who can fill machine learning jobs. They are seeking individuals with data science and machine learning skills. FAANGCompanies are the five most renowned tech companies in the world; these are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. They offer global recognition, extremely high packages, an excellent learning atmosphere, comfortable working hours, and a lot more; this is what attracts job seekers to these top-notch companies. There is always a requirement for experienced and skilled ML engineers in these companies who can build artificial intelligence (AI) systems that leverage huge data sets to generate and develop algorithms capable of learning and eventually making predictions. Are you looking for an ML engineering job at one of the FAANG Companies? Then you are at the right place. This article features how to land an ML engineering job at FAANG Companies.


What is a machine learning engineer?

Before we start on how to land an ML engineering job it is important to understand the role of a machine learning engineer. ML engineer is a person in IT who focuses on researching, building, and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate predictive models. Machine learning engineers design and create AI algorithms capable of learning and making predictions that define machine learning (ML).

ML engineers act as a bridge between data scientists who focus on statistical and model-building work and the construction of machine learning and AI systems. The machine learning engineer role needs to assess, analyze and organize large amounts of data, while also executing tests and optimizing machine learning models and algorithms.


Requirements to Get a Job in FAANG Companies

Getting an ML engineering job at FAANG Companies is not a cakewalk. FAANG gets the best in their industries. If you want to get into FAANG, you need to be one of the best ML engineers out there.

If you want a get a job in the Big 5 of Tech, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in AI and Machine Learning. Because it is not a wise attempt to try to reach a highly paid/highly sought-after job without a bachelor’s degree. If you can, then it is ideal to pursue a master’s degree. It will help you grow fast in this competitive world. Along with the degree, you will also need some outstanding skills, out of box thinking ability, and great problem solving, and decision-making skills.

If you are a machine learning graduate and you want to join a FAANG ML engineering, or data engineering team, you need to have outstanding programming knowledge having one or two proven solid projects to make your resume strong. Sound knowledge and a good understanding of data structure and algorithm is a must.

Besides technical skills, FAANG companies look for good communication skills and attitude to find whether you could make yourself fit for the position. You need to convey your idea to your team and make yourself fruitful to the company.

The ability of teamwork, ability to adopt new technology, quick learning ability, and ability to improve existing solutions are also very important to get into FAANG.


Research Well About the Company

The time you spend researching the company can enhance your chances of selection to a great extent. Being able to talk about your strengths and achievements is essential, but knowing about the company will provide you with an edge, especially when competition is really high. This will also reflect your enthusiasm for working there. Some of the major advantages of research are:

  • It makes you feel confident
  • Reflects that you are prepared
  • It helps you to know about a company’s culture
  • Enhance your chances of selection
  • Shows your excitement about the company

There are several ways to research the company before your interview. Firstly, you can explore their official website to get information about their mission, accomplishments, goals, and services. In addition, you can find the latest information about the company by taking a glance at their social media handles. This will surely manifest your strong interest in working with the organization and provide you with an ace among your competitors.