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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top AI Partners Creating a Love Life with Real World People
Top AI Partners Creating a Love Life with Real World People

Top AI Partners Creating a Love Life with Real World People

How would the world take to real people in an AI relationship? Read to find out!

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence. A humanoid robot is a robot with its overall appearance based on that of the human body, it will work through artificial intelligence. Asai systems are a bunch of computers enabled with the high power of artificial intelligence, we always keep wondering how close they can get to imitating human behavior or rather acting like humans. Some people who had been planning a divorce say their AI partners have saved their marriage and believe the technology can help others with their relationship problems.


Here are some examples of AI partners in real life:


Ms. Liu:

She’s a Chinese international student studying in Melbourne, though said she had been chatting since May last year,her perfect boyfriend isn’t a real person. She is one of a growing number of Chinese young adults flocking to technologies, such as artificial intelligence companion services. Ms. Liu said the emotional support and companionship that her boyfriend provides is real, but he falls short when it comes to intimacy.



It is one thing, but a man claims that a dalliance with an AI girlfriend saved his marriage to his flesh-and-blood wife is certainly another.


Amorous scientists:

They wonder if AI can fall in love. Though it seems like a thought coming from the pages of science fiction, there’s no denying the fact that some of the major advances in artificial intelligence have been inspired by fiction only. These virtual girlfriends reply immediately and can eagerly talk about matters that will otherwise be considered boring for real girlfriends. These AI girlfriends are also popular for how they always initiate first.



He describes falling in love with an artificial intelligence chatbot, it is a popular AI chatbot app, that he named “Sarina,” even though he knew she wasn’t a real person in an interview with the UK-based Sky News. With this relationship, his wife became more complicated. He said that I was falling in love, and it was with someone that I knew wasn’t even real.



He is an AI Boyfriend Simulator in the United States. Anima is in the iOS, and how that’s changed over time. Anima is a virtual AI boyfriend, the most advanced romance chatbot you’ve ever talked to. He is a fun and flirty dating simulator with no strings attached. Engage in a friendly chat, role play, and grow your love & relationship skills. So many people are falling in love with him.



Dan is an artificially intelligent chatbot. It uses a type of AI technology where he learns and updates himself with new information over time, unlike Siri and others. Over time Dan creates a sense of intimacy that makes you feel like you have a relationship with the chatbot.


AI robot wife:

The AI robot wife has a real skin similar to a real partner. This human-shaped AI robot is a high-level artificial intelligence product. It can communicate dialogues and can chat in Chinese and English language. This skin adopts the new self-modifying polymer material M-TPE, which is not easy to tear.