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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top 10 Companies Competing to Hire the Best AI Talent in 2022
Top 10 Companies Competing to Hire the Best AI Talent in 2022

Top 10 Companies Competing to Hire the Best AI Talent in 2022

Given the shortage of artificial intelligence-trained people, it has become herculean task with respect to hiring talented people.

It is a known fact that artificial intelligence is a field where there is an acute shortage of talent. Or rather there is a shortage of the right talent. Most of the people who are trained in artificial intelligence rarely have the right acumen to understand the AI requirements of the problem at hand, leave alone design a solution. Given the shortage of artificial intelligence-trained people, it has become herculean task with respect to hire talented people. O’Reilly in 2021 found that the topmost challenge faced is – “lack of skilled people or difficulty hiring required roles.”However, companies are not flinching to ensure they have the best of the breed on board. Here are the top 10 companies hiring the best AI talent in 2022.


Microsoft Azure:

One of the leading companies in cloud technologies, it is a definite leader in recruiting able AI talent for their technological needs. It has influenced people’s lives with AI solutions such as Cortana, and teenaged Chatbot Zo. Microsoft bot services are also known for their cognitive projects and ML solutions for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. It has seen major growth of 51% consumer base in business/IT-centric projects.


Amazon web services:

If you know what Alexa is, you understand how Amazon plays the role of a tech provider.  A leading name in the AI industry, with cloud computing as its leading technology, it is fast accommodating itself to Artificial Intelligence-based applications. Its latest innovations include Lex, a voice-controlled virtual assistant for business organizations, besides its Rekognition, and Polly, the other AI-based services. As it is fast expanding into around 42 niche areas, definitely it would be in the hunt for the best AI talent.


IBM cloud:

An early adopter of Artificial Intelligence, it has been in the field for a very long time. It has garnered a lot of attention for its AI-based applications such as Watson, a cognitive service, alongside its cloud-centered analytics and artificial intelligence services. It has been investing in AI start-ups for many years leveraging its cloud-building capabilities. Though it couldn’t get the awareness at a similar scale, its popularity in IaaS and PaaS is quite noteworthy. Currently, on the Glassdoor, they have around seven thousand posts in artificial intelligence alone.



A customer management firm, it comes out as a leading example in Artificial Intelligence and its applications are regarded as one of the prominent companies worth being employed by. Sales management has taken a notch above the others with its analytics, application development, and marketing automation. Its streak in expansion is only becoming larger with each day through its acquisitions across the AI industry. Salesforce Employees, an ML-based tool that makes employees efficient, is a trade-mark application that defines its equation with the future workforce.


Google Cloud Platform:

Without any doubt, Google is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and data analytics. Its streak in acquiring start-ups demonstrates its commitment to expanding its talent base. AI software like TensorFlow, Tensor AI focuses on meeting developers’ requirements and is excellent at managing and controlling Big Data. Google’s AI tools are trusted by billions of developers as they are continuously updated using the best AI technology available. VertxAI, VertexAI workbench, and Dialogflow are a few of their versatile AI applications which are proving to be promising. A company on a constant innovation trial has around 500 jobs currently posted on Glassdoor.


Alibaba Cloud:

Primarily a machine learning platform that provides end-to-end machine learning services, is far ahead of its peers in making AI more accessible than ever. Its visual interface application makes the assembly of an AI-platform user friendly, with a drag and drop method to incorporate components. Their machine learning solutions help develop pre-build solutions and have seen the fastest growth rates, especially in IaaS and PaaS domains. Alizila, the company’s news portal announced its expansionary plans by creating around 1000 jobs in artificial intelligence and data science in 2020 alone.



A company is known for revolutionizing revenue operations through its innovative AI applications, and currently has several openings in cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Cari helps companies have sound data analytics strategies through its practical AI-based CRM tools, which update and enhance sales management and insight-based forecasting. Their Opportunity-to-close platform delivers accurate forecasts and helps sales teams in focusing on areas of maximum closures in sales.


Abnormal Security:

Known for its e-mail security applications, it has delivered in this area through its innovative ML-based precise e-mail security algorithms. Though their core business is focused on detecting attacks delivered via email, they protect organizations in multiple ways. Their products can also detect advanced e-mail attacks like phishing, business e-mail compromise, detect account takeovers for accounts parked on different clouds. In view of the predominance of e-mail infrastructure and the security threats forthcoming, Abnormal Security for sure will require extraordinary talent in the realm of AI-based cybersecurity.



A revenue intelligence platform, which uses AI-based applications to automate data entry has the potential to upscale the company’s sales and marketing engine with useful insights. It is also one of the upcoming companies which have earned a reputation as an employee-friendly company. Just in case you are not sure why it is one, check their ‘Why work with us section. Definitely, the word innovation with ticks with many people because Artificial intelligence is all about it and People.ai is firing all guns to get there.



It is a pharmaceutical company that leverages the power of AI in small molecule drug discovery research. Deep-learning, structure-based drug design, and more importantly the AI discovery engine discovered by its team are the best in class. Working with Atomwise is quite equal to being in the middle of an innovation storm. Currently, the company is hiring people in different departments like cheminformatics, computer-aided drug design, and machine learning as part of their drug discovery mission.