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  /  Data Science   /  Top 10 Python+Data Science Courses You Should Take Up in 2022
data science courses

Top 10 Python+Data Science Courses You Should Take Up in 2022

These Python data science courses will acknowledge the learners’ existing knowledge and help develop skills based on them

Data has emerged as one of the primary catalysts for driving businesses towards growth and success. Modern business leaders understand the importance of utilising the generated insights from large amounts of data to reach potential customers and gain an edge in the competitive market. Data science professionals need the best tools that can turn insights into reporting or visualisation. The industry presents itself with several prominent programming languages that can make data meaningful. But among all of them, Python is emerging as a leader that can bring value to data science and machine learning operations. Professionals who learn Python appreciate its ability to develop applications, scripting, and connect pre-existing components. Gaining experience in Python can help emerging data science grasp the depths of the domain. In this article, we have mentioned the top python data science courses that professionals can take up in 2022.


Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

Offered by: Coursera

This program is offered by Coursera in partnership with the University of Michigan. This course is designed to introduce learners to data science through the Python programming language. This specialization aims to provide a basic Python programming background to apply statistically, machine learning, information visualisation, text analysis, and social media analytics techniques through popular Python tools like Pandas, Matplotlib and others to gain insights from data.


Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL Specialization

Offered by: Coursera

This specialization in partnership with IBM is aimed to aid those professionals who are aspiring to pursue a career in data science by helping them grasp the fundamental skills needed to get started in this domain. The program consists of 5 self-paced online courses that provide fundamental skills on open-source tools and libraries, Python, SQL, statistical and relational databases. On completing the courses, the students will also gain a deeper understanding that will help them dive further into the domain of data science.


Python for Data Science, AI, and Development

Offered by: Coursera

This course is designed to improve the participants’ skills in programming to a whole new level. They will learn Python fundamentals, including data structures and data analysis, along with complete hands-on experience through practical exercises and industry-related projects. This course, in partnership with IBM, can be applied to multiple specializations and professional certificate programs. Students are also subjected to receive a digital from IBM that is highly recognized in this field.


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Offered by: Udemy

This is a comprehensive course that provides comprehensive knowledge in analysing data through Python, creating intelligent and interpretable visualisations, and using robust machine learning algorithms. It is both designed for beginners with a little programming language to experienced developers who have several years of industry-related knowledge.


Python A-Z: Python for Data Science with Real Exercises

Offered by: Udemy

This course provides step-by-step guidance to build knowledge on Python programming. The course aims to teach the basic principles of programming, learn how to create variables, visualise data in Seaborn, learn more about integer, float, logic, string and other types of Python.


Programming for Data Science with Python

Offered by: Udacity

In collaboration with Mode, Udacity presents one of the best Python programming courses for data science. In this syllabus, the students will learn the fundamental concepts of SQL, such as JOINs, subqueries, aggregations and so much more. The curriculum also includes real-world projects, technical support, and career guidance from industry experts to build a successful data science career.


Introduction to Python with Data Science

Offered by: Datacamp

Unlike several other Python courses, this course focuses on training professionals to harvest meaningful insights from the data to gain a competitive edge among all other professionals and aspiring data science candidates. The participants will learn robust ways to store and manipulate data via data science tools to begin their own analyses.


Advanced-Data Analysis using Python

Offered by: Udemy

The job role of a data analyst is one of the most crucial jobs in modern businesses. Their primary goal is to increase efficiency and improve the performance of business operations. This course is a perfect choice for those professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge in data analysis, through Python programming. It covers a wide variety of topics along with several other data analysis concepts.


Data Analytics Real-World Projects using Python

Offered by: Udemy

The program presents itself with simple, yet real-world projects to explain the concepts of data analytics. It shows and explains how to handle large datasets, including importing messy data, cleaning data, along with merging, grouping, and aggregating data for advanced analyses.


Statistics for Data Science with Python

Offered by: Coursera

This statistics for data science with Python course is designed to introduce the basic principles of statistical methods and procedures that are used in data analysis. It will also inculcate crucial topics in statistics that are extremely relevant in the industry.