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  /  Big Data   /  Top 10 Big Data Analytics Courses to Elevate Your Career in 2022
big data analytics

Top 10 Big Data Analytics Courses to Elevate Your Career in 2022

Enrol in these big data analytics courses to boost your career growth

The implementation of big data analytics has helped businesses grow by enabling them to make better decisions. Meaningful insights from the trends, correlations, and patterns that exist within big data can be difficult to reveal without vast computing power. But big data professionals have to know the advanced techniques and tools that are used in analytical tasks to effectively draw out critical information for the company’s growth. Big data technologies will only grow bigger and better, so aspiring and existing data professionals have to constantly develop their knowledge, unlearn and relearn as many times as required. To ensure a safe career, professionals can enrol in big data analytics courses and adapt to the new demanding industry skills. In this article, we have listed the top big data analytics courses that can enhance your career in 2022.


Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

Offered by: SimpliLearn

Big Data Hadoop Certification allows the participants to master the concepts of the Hadoop framework, big data tools, and methodologies. It will prepare the students for success as big data developers. The training will help them understand the various components of the Hadoop ecosystem to fit into the big data processing lifecycle.


Introduction to Data Analytics Course for Beginners

Offered by: SimpliLearn

This data analytics course introduces beginners to the fundamental concepts of big data analytics through real-world industry-related case studies and examples. The participants will learn about project lifecycles, and the difference between data analytics, data science, and machine learning with the help of various analytics tools to draw business insights.


IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate

Offered by: Coursera

This professional certificated course is brought forward for those who are seeking to develop job-ready skills, tools, portfolios for entry-level data analysts or data scientists’ roles. With the help of these eight online courses, beginners will be able to dive into the depths of data analyst roles by learning Cognos Analytics to create interactive dashboards and several tools.


Mastering Big Data Analytics with PySpark

Offered by: Udemy

This course will greatly appeal to data science enthusiasts, scientists and analysts, or anyone familiar with the concepts of machine learning and those who are interested to scale up their work with big data. The program will also provide tips and tricks for deploying code and performance tuning. By the end of this course, they will be able to perform proficient data analytics and also deploy PySpark at an industrial scale.


Apache Spark 2.0+Python: DO Big Data Analytics and ML

Offered by: Udemy

This course will teach Apache Spark 2.0 with Python and train them to build Spark Analytics and machine learning programs with hands-on practice on real-life end-to-end application projects. The program was designed with the aim to teach everyone in-demand industry skills at affordable low prices. They will be able to learn the solid fundamentals of the domain, see demos, train, and execute solid examples.


Python for Data Analysis: Pandas and NumPy

Offered by: Coursera

In this hands-on project, the students will understand the fundamentals of data analysis in Python and learn to leverage the advantages offered by the two greatest Python libraries, namely Pandas and NumPy. They offer high-performance, easy-to-use structures and data analysis tools.


Big Data Analysis: Hive, Spark, SQL, DataFrames and GraphFrames

Offered by: Coursera

This program will enable the learners to master writing and executing Hive and Spark SQL queries, reasoning how the queries are translated into actual execution primitives, organizing their data in Hive to optimize disk space usage and execution time, optimizing Spark applications for maximum performance, work with large graphs and so much more.


MongoDB Certification Training Course

Offered by: SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn’s MongoDB certification will equip the students with the relevant skills required to become a MongoDB Developer. The highly-qualified instructors will help them understand why businesses are using MongoDB development services for handling their increasing data storage issues and meeting those demands.


Big Data Analytics with Telecommunication

Offered by: Udemy

The course of ‘Big Data Analytics in Telecommunication’ is a complete industry guide for graduates, business intelligence professionals and data scientists in combination with the big data analytics facts and how the telecommunication industry is using this advanced technology for its benefits.


Apache Spark Hands-on Specialization for Big Data Analytics 

Offered by: Udemy

This course is the most comprehensive and in-depth course produced on Apache Spark. It addresses all the limitations that are applicable in the current courses as it leverages Scala instead of Python. It comes with a number of quizzes to test the learners’ skills that will help them develop strong programming skills.