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  /  Big Data   /  Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tools Used by Tech Giants in 2022
Big Data Analytics Tools

Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tools Used by Tech Giants in 2022

This article features the top ten big data analytics tools used by big tech companies in 2022

At present, big data or big data analytics is one of the most used terms in technology. As you know, every minute there is a volume of data created by customers and companies around the world, therefore, big data analytics has a lot of promise. Big data is analyzed by collecting structured semi-structured and unstructured data from your data lakes and parsing out what’s most relevant to your current informational need most likely using some form of data quality automation to do so. Since conventional data tools are not built to handle this level of complexity and volume, a plethora of specialized big data software tools and architectural solutions have emerged to handle this workload. Businesses can use custom-built big data analytics tools to put their data to work, find new opportunities, and establish new business models. This article features the top 10 big data analytics tools used by big tech companies in 2022:


Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is considered to be one of the best big data tools to handle huge data. Hadoop is a free and open-source framework for managing distributed big data processing across a network of computers. Rather than storing and processing all of the data on a single computer, Hadoop clusters several computers into a virtually indefinitely scalable network and analyses the data in parallel.



Xplenty is a platform to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics on the cloud. It will bring all your data sources together. Its intuitive graphic interface will help you with implementing ETL, ELT, or a replication solution. Xplenty is a complete toolkit for building data pipelines with low-code and no-code capabilities. It has solutions for marketing, sales, support, and developers.


Apache Cassandra

Big tech giants like Accenture, American Express, Facebook, General Electric, Honeywell, Yahoo, etc. rely on Cassandra. This is an open-source framework that is known for managing huge data volume in the least possible time.  Simply said, Cassandra is a highly dependable data storage engine for applications that need to expand massively.



Cloudera is now one of the quickest and most secure big data tools available. It started as an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution geared for enterprise-class deployments. This flexible platform makes it simple to gather data from any setting. Cloudera provides various software, support, and service bundles that are offered on-premise and through several cloud providers.



QlikView has gained recognition as one of the most reliable data visualization and big data analytics tools. This big data tool focuses on data integration, data literacy, and big data analytics to make the best of data. QlikView is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. This big data tool comes up with innovative advancements now and then.



Talend comes under a free and open-source license. Its components and connectors are Hadoop and NoSQL. It provides community support only. Talend a user-based subscription license. Its components and connectors are MapReduce and Spark. It provides Web, email, and phone support. It is one of the best big data analytics tools used by tech giants in 2022.


Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cost-effective and easy-to-use big data analytics solution for small businesses. It includes an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to rapidly construct sophisticated dashboards and identify the most critical data. Though it’s a good standalone solution, Zoho Analytics has the added benefit of being directly linked with the rest of the Zoho business tools, such as CRM, HR, and marketing automation. It is one of the best big data analytics tools used by tech giants in 2022.



MongoDB is a free and open-source big data tool that is known to provide support for multiple technologies and platforms. It also supports multiple operating systems including Windows Vista and Linux. Also, MongoDB is easy to learn, reliable, and economical – all at the same time.



GoodData is a big data analytics platform that provides users the tools, runtimes, and storage for data ingestion, preparation, transformation, and analytic queries. They boast 50+ connectors for data ingestion/synchronization and offer an Agile data warehousing system on higher-tier plans. It is one of the best big data analytics tools used by tech giants in 2022.



Alteryx is that one tool that companies can use to discover and analyze the data. Not just that – this big data tool helps in finding deeper insights by deploying and sharing the analytics at scale. With Alteryx in place, one can centrally manage users, workflows, data assets, etc. into the processes. It is one of the best big data analytics tools used by tech giants in 2022.