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  /  Big Data   /  Top Big Data Start-Ups with Best Potential to Grow in 2022
Big data start-ups

Top Big Data Start-Ups with Best Potential to Grow in 2022

Big data start-ups are thriving in the global tech market for effective data management

2022 is ready for providing vast scope to big data with the advancements in cutting-edge technologies and the growing population. Data is everywhere the time around the world. Even, big data has not taken away the jobs of human employees, but, has provided ample opportunities to human beings. The jobs include big data engineer, big data architect, big data analyst, and many more. Thus, for effective data management, there are lots of big data start-ups growing in the market. Some big data companies in 2022 have the potential to yield higher revenue and retain clients efficiently with their services. Let’s look at the top big data start-ups with the best potential to grow in 2022.


Top Big Data Start-Ups in 2022

Luk Advisor

Luk Advisor is one of the top big data start-ups exploiting big data for disruptive innovation. It is focused on building world-class technological capabilities to boost a business including operational process, revenue strategy, and business model. This start-up in big data leverages artificial intelligence and data science in multiple industries such as financial services, animal monitoring, retail, and many more. It is popular for providing AniDeep, marketing intelligence, smart retail and property, and data analytics.


Dryad Networks

Dryad Networks is a popular big data start-up with the potential to grow in 2022 for its ultra-fire detection and health and growth monitoring solutions for the public as well as private forests. It uses large-scale IoT networks and sensors to transform real-time data and have effective data management with meaningful insights. It provides technology solutions to protect natural resources with a combination of nature and big data. Data collected in the network is processed with cloud-based big data tools for data analytics, monitoring, and alerting to reduce reaction time for forest fires.



Bornio is a well-known big-data start-up for developing tools to create and enforce data privacy policies for artificial intelligence and data analytics. It helps to protect sensitive personal data while leveraging big data. It offers a streamlined process to manage complex privacy regulations and gain meaningful in-depth insights with effective data management to meet regulatory requirements efficiently. The platform automates the data privacy ops to monitor data privacy policies. It also offers template-driven policy, access control by role and use cases, integrated risk management, and policy-driven de-identification.



Airbyte is one of the top start-ups in big data as an open-source data integration engine to consolidate data in the data warehouse, data lakes, and databases. It helps to unify data integration pipelines in one open-source ELT platform that can scale with custom or high-volume needs. Big data companies in 2022 can leverage Airbyte’s long tail of high-quality connectors that can adapt to schema and API changes for effective data management. It is focused on big data engineering, data analytics, data science, and engineering.



Bigeye is known as one of the emerging big data companies in 2022 for its data observability. This big data start-up is a data observability platform to help measure, enhance, and communicate data quality at any scale with big data technology. It offers to manage broken dashboards, damaged machine learning models, and fix data-driven depression with tools for managing petabyte-scale data platforms. It leverages auto metrics, auto-thresholds, customization of the templating system, and no-code interface to investigate alerts and root causes efficiently.



Innovaccerhelps to connect and process healthcare data to create unified records and meaningful insights about diseases and procedures. It offers the Innovaccer Health Cloud, data activation platform, innovation toolkit, and intelligent application suite to integrate disparate patient data and achieve better health outcomes efficiently. The big data start-up also helps to enable the rapid development of interoperable solutions through developer tool suites and open APIs.