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Top influential leaders in AI to Watch in 2023

The awards will recognize the most innovative and influential individuals who have harnessed the power of generative AI to achieve significant advancements and improvements in their respective fields. The winners of these awards will be celebrated not only for their outstanding achievements but also for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI.


The impact of ChatGPT and generative AI on business is here to stay, and it is our responsibility to recognize those who are driving this transformation. The Business Impact of ChatGPT and Generative AI Awards is a way to do just that and to honor the individuals and companies who are shaping the future of business with their ground-breaking work.


Top 10 leaders in AI to be awarded “Top influential leaders in AI to Watch in 2023


  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Executive Vice President/Senior Vice President/Vice President (EVP/SVP/VP)
  • C-Level Executives
  • Director
  • Global Head
  • Manager
  • Decision-makers
  • Business Executives in charge of AI Initiatives
  • Heads of Product Development
  • Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Analytics Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Venture Capitalists/Investors
  • AI Consultants
  • Networking Specialists
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developers/Architects
  • Teaching Staff
  • Delivery Managers
  • Innovators
  • Line-of-Business Executives from various companies.

Why Apply

Brand exposure:  Selected companies and innovators will receive Brand exposure in the upcoming issue of Analytics Insight magazine and on analyticsinsight.net. Analytics Insight’s editorial team will assess all applications for inclusion in the list of Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch in 2023. Analytics Insight receives thousands of visits each month from analytics professionals, C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, and research professionals. The website boasts an average of 900,000 unique monthly visitors and over 3.6 million visits. Innovator profiles and magazine features will be distributed across magazine aggregators like Magzter and Readwhere, and promoted extensively through social media channels, subscribers, and email marketing.

Overall, the Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch in 2023 awards serve as a means of recognizing and promoting the most innovative and impactful leaders in the AI industry, and as a way of promoting AI as a field of study and application.

Recognition:  The Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch in 2023 awards provide recognition and visibility to individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the field of AI. Being included in the list of influential leaders can enhance their reputation and establish them as thought leaders in the industry.


The Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch in 2023 awards bring together influential leaders in AI from different backgrounds and industries, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Talent attraction:

Companies that are recognized as influential leaders in AI can attract top talent in the industry who want to work for innovative and forward-thinking organizations.

Industry insights:

The awards highlight emerging trends and innovations in AI, providing valuable insights and knowledge to the wider industry.

Marketing and promotion:

The Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch in 2023 awards provide a platform for companies and individuals to promote their AI initiatives, products, and services to a wider audience. This can help them generate leads and increase their market share.

Media and Press Coverage:

The top influential leaders in AI can have a significant impact on media and press coverage. First, they often have a strong reputation within the industry, and their views and opinions on AI-related topics are highly valued by media outlets. As a result, when these leaders speak, journalists and reporters are often eager to cover their thoughts and opinions, leading to increased media attention on AI. Second, influential leaders in AI are often at the forefront of developing new technologies and strategies for implementing AI. As such, their work is often covered in the media as a way of informing the public and other industry professionals about the latest developments in AI.

Finally, influential leaders in AI can also influence media and press coverage by being advocates for ethical AI practices. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, concerns about its impact on society and individuals have become more pressing. Influential leaders in AI who prioritize ethical considerations in their work can help shape public discourse on AI and lead to more balanced and informed media coverage.

Top influential leaders in AI have the potential to significantly impact media and press coverage through their reputation, innovative work, and advocacy for ethical AI practices in Business Gains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Start your application here.

View the application here. (Please submit your final application online)

We welcome innovators from diverse backgrounds and industries as innovation cannot be limited to a single form. This invitation extends to companies and innovators worldwide. However, we kindly request that all entries be submitted in English.


Participants are permitted to submit multiple nominations for the same organization, showcasing various innovations.

All organizations with implemented innovations are eligible to apply for the award Top Influential Leaders in AI to Watch at the 2023 program.

To increase your chances of being selected for the 2023 awards, please follow these dos and don’ts when submitting your content:



Provide brief and concise details of your innovation and explain how it has made an impact in various ways.

Describe the significant changes your innovation has brought to your company or industry, giving it an advantage in operations.

Develop a compelling case for your innovation by answering questions like “What excites you the most about your development?” and “What features are your customers raving about?”

Use metrics, measurements, figures, and data to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of your innovation.



Focus solely on the list of initiatives you’ve undertaken. Instead, concentrate on your approach as an innovator towards innovation.

Our recommendation is to limit the word count for specific sections and to respond to the questions as succinctly as possible. To ensure a comprehensive response, we suggest a total word count of 500-1000 words for all questions combined.

The Analytics Insight editors and analysts will choose the winners. We guarantee the confidentiality of the entries, which will not be shared with any third party. The category selection serves as a general guide and may be subject to change according to editorial discretion. The winners will be revealed during the “Business Impact of ChatGPT and Generative AI” event and also announced on our website https://www.analyticsinsight.net/. Additionally, the media and press will provide coverage of the winners.

The deadline for submitting award applications is June 19th, 2023.

The announcement of the award winners will be made on June 21st, 2023.

For any more questions? We would be glad to assist you.

Simply send us an email at events@analyticsinsight.net / pavani@analyticsinsight.net.